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Nutritional Counseling Ensure Long Term Success

At Florida Medical Diet we offer counseling designed to guide you in achieving lifestyle changes and healthy habits. Your Nutritional Coach will be close at hand to offer guidance during your treatment and help you achieve your goals. We work on the belief that having a healthy lifestyle also includes developing a healthy point of view. At Florida Medical Diet you will always find a positive attitude and plenty of encouragement to help you achieve permanent changes in your lifestyle.

When you meet with your personal Nutritional Coach, we will review the past week's achievements, set goals for the future, and teach you tactics for to stay on course. You can voice any personal concerns or needs needs to help you stay the course. Your Nutritional Coach will be there to give you the support and encouragement that will help you achieve your goals quickly. 

10 Health Tips from a Nutrition Coach 

Drink Plenty of Water - Proper hydration forms the basis of excellent health. Every part of the body requires water. 

Consume Plenty of Leafy Greens - Leafy greens are often overlooked in today's diets. They are very high in vitamins and fiber making them a nutrient dense foods. 

Healthy Weight - Too much weight, in particular around the mid-section,can be dangerous to one's health. Maintaining a healthy weight can provide more energy and helps's one feel and look better. 

Consume Proteins Daily - Proteins provide the body with its structural core. They help to keep your immune system working properly, regulate blood sugar and metabolism and promotes cell repair and hormone production.

Choose Whole Grains - Whole grains are an excellent nutritional source because they processed slowly by the body. 

Be Mindful of What You Eat - It is important to take the time to slow down and savour your food.  This means avoiding eating in a hurry or while watching television or being distracted in some other way. This will also help you be aware of when you are full and have eaten enough. 

Consume Healthy Oils - Olive oil, especially, contains plenty of anti-oxidants as well as a high amount of monounsaturated fat. Oils made from coconut oil, almonds and those found in avocados and olives are among the healthiest. 

Reduce Stress - Excessive stress can have a negative impacts our bodies and health, in particular the immune system. Stress management can be vital in promoting good health.

Keep Physically Active - Physical activity promotes many of the body's natural healthy functions. Digestion and blood circulation are only two functions that are benefited by keeping active. 

Maintain a Positive Attitude - Emotions and thoughts can cause biochemical reactions in the body. Keeping a positive attitude can will promote emotional health. 

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