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Florida Medical Diet Now Offers Safe and Affordable Botox Injections in Miami

You can now safely and affordably remove your wrinkles with Botox injections Miami from the specialists at Florida Medical Diet, the medical facility trusted by South Florida patients for more than 50 years.

At Florida Medical Diet, our Botox injections could not be easier and less pain free. The Botox injections do not require anesthesia and our licensed staff physician will complete the process in a matter of minutes.

The procedure begins with a determination of which areas will be treated. Then, Botox injections using an ultra fine needle are administered into the specific muscles of that area. Typically, minor or no discomfort is experienced by most patients. The full effect of Botox injections will be visible in no more than 5 days, often less, in which time your wrinkles will magically disappear. The effect will last up to six months, at which time a reappearance of the wrinkles begins. As you behind to see this process, you can return to Florida Medical Diet to receive maintenance Botox injections to safely prolong and enhance the effect.

You might be aware that for more than a decade, Botox injections have been used as a treatment for wrinkles and in ophthalmology for more than 15 years. At Florida Medical Diet we use authentic Allergan True Botulinum Toxin Type-A, which will ensure the safest and most effective results.  

Limited Time Botox Injection Offer: 25% Discount Per Area

For a limited time, Florida Medical Diet is offering a 25% discount on our $250 per area price for patients seeking treatment on two or more areas. Interested in learning more? Contact Florida Medical Diet today!

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