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A Medical Facility Trusted For Five Decades 

Florida Medical Diet is part of a medical office that was originally established as a chiropractic care practice more than 50 years ago. During that time it has evolved into a wellness facility that encompasses a broad array of pain management and weight loss programs. 

The practice is owned and directed by Dr. Chris Goetz, a former NFL player with the San Diego Chargers and New York Jets who has dedicated himself to passing on the nutritional and therapeutic experiences and best practices he learned from during his football career. He leads an experienced, multi-disciplanry team that have been providing health and well-being to South Florida patients for decades. 

Our Approach to Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss is the term given to any weight loss and management program directed by a physician. It follows scientific principles that attempt to get at the cause of the weight gain, allowing patients to achieve and maintain a healthy weight through healthy means. Each medical weight loss program is specifically designed for the individual patient, ensuring the most effective and safest methods are always used.

Medical Examination

A medical weight loss program will begin with a thorough and detailed medical exam, including a comprehensive health history, blood work, Body Mass Index reading and a discussion of your weight loss goals. With all of this information gathered, your doctor will be able to prescribe the proper combination of medications, diet and exercise for your weight loss needs. The prescribed medications will do everything from increase your metabolism to suppress your appetite and make you feel full faster.

Nutrition and Fitness

We will put together a nutrition plan that will take into account your specific tastes and dietary requirements. You get to eat regular food, even from your favorite restaurants. We also offer delicious shakes, bars and snacks that will allow you to stay on track, even during those times when you don't have time to prepare something appropriate.

Weight Maintenance

The goal on any successful weight loss program is to maintain a healthy weight once it has been achieved. Our staff of doctors and weight loss professionals will be available to help you during you entire medical weight loss program. And once the desired weight has been lost, you will be put on a personalized maintenance program to keep the weight off.

Medications and Counsel

After your examination and diagnosis, your doctor will work with you to determine the most effective medical weight loss program for you. If you need to lose weight quickly, we may suggest the Fast Track Program. Perhaps Lipo Injections or CVR are a better fit. When taking part in of our doctor supervised weight loss programs, you will be educated on all of the benefits and risks of weight loss injections and other prescribed medications. 

At Florida Medical Diet you are guaranteed optimal care and service during and after the weight loss phase of the program. Contact us for a free consultation.

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